MANN-FILTER air filters

Suitable for any engine compartment.

Under the bonnet of modern vehicles, ever more space is required for electronics, new technical components and safety technology. Air filters must adapt to this development – and in doing so meet ever greater demands from the automobile industry with regard to separation efficiency, flame protection and length of service interval. 

MANN-FILTER is responding to this development with innovative air filter systems, which are perfectly adapted in form and function to the widest possible range of installation situations. After all, an air filter does not necessarily have to be rectangular. Our engineers will develop completely individual, alternative designs to enable installation in particular conditions. Trapezium-shaped air filters or tapered oval filters are two examples of making optimum use of the available installation space. Another example is the MANN-FILTER air filter with stepped filter surface. The stepped arrangement increases the filter surface considerably and improves the filter capacity.

Another groundbreaking product innovation is the spiral wound strap technology developed by MANN-FILTER: the eponymous spiral wound strap ensures consistent pleat distances and protects the filter element from becoming deformed by forces during installation or operation.

In order to cope with all applications, MANN-FILTER air filters are available in hundreds of different designs and sizes.