Three-stage Water Separator for Diesel Injection Systems

Captures Even the Tiniest Drops   Highly-developed common rail diesel injection systems require fuels with a very low water content. MANN+HUMMEL has developed a multi-stage water separator that separates the water from finely dispersed water-in-diesel emulsions to achieve the required purity.

Ludwigsburg, 13th September, 2011 - The high-pressure injection systems of modern diesel engines units place high demands on fuel purity. Besides dirt particles, even drops of water can directly impact the components of the injection system and must be reliably separated from the fuel. In recent years the composition of diesel fuel has hardly changed (lower sulfur and higher biofuel and additive content). The water droplets that build up as the fuel passes through the system still only have an average diameter of a few micrometers. To achieve the required purity for finely dispersed water-in-diesel emulsions, MANN+HUMMEL has developed a three-stage water separator that first enlarges the droplets before reliably separating them from the fuel.

Fine Coalescing Filter Medium
The new MANN+HUMMEL water separator works via three stages and can be integrated into existing installation spaces. The first stage uses a fine coalescing filter medium on which small emulsified water droplets in the diesel accumulate before coalescing into larger drops. In the second stage, the volume of these drops is then enlarged via downstream coalescer layers. The flow in the water separator is arranged so that large drops from the fuel are separated via gravity alone. A hydrophobic sieve provides the third filtration stage, acting as a final barrier for any remaining water droplets.

This new concept in water separation has major consequences for future filter sizes and shapes as well as service intervals. It is currently being implemented in prototypes and validated via field tests. In addition, the findings compiled by MANN+HUMMEL are being incorporated both into test standards for the qualification of water-diesel separators and directly into customer projects for water-diesel separation.

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