MANN+HUMMEL: Start of Australian Series Business

LPI filter for liquid gas vehicles   o High filter fineness through new composite filter medium o High burst strength through metal layer o Contributes to reduced liquid gas consumption o Further projects for vehicles with alternative drives in development

Ludwigsburg, 14th September, 2011 - MANN+HUMMEL has entered the series business in Australia with an energy-saving high performance fuel filter. The filtration specialist supplies a liquid gas filter for LPG vehicles via the MANN+HUMMEL locations in Seoul and Sydney.

"The LPI filter opens up the door to series business in Australia and extends our business operations in the area," says Manfred Wolf, President and General Manager, Automotive + Industrial Business. Up to now MANN+HUMMEL has served the Australian market with industrial filters and vehicle filters through the aftermarket brand MANN-FILTER. "The LPI filter strategically complements our product range and is technically sophisticated. It is without doubt a highlight and sets the standard with regard to the filtration of alternative fuels.

"The challenge with LPI systems is the high operating pressure of 25 bar. Conventional LPG liquid gas drives vaporise the liquid gas before it reaches the engine. The recently developed LPI system leaves the gas in its liquid state until it reaches the injection nozzles. The great advantage here is that gas in its liquid form can be much more accurately dosed than when in its gaseous state. The exact dosing saves fuel and helps protect the environment. In order to ensure that the liquid gas in the fuel system remains in its liquid form it is subject to a permanent high operating pressure of 25 bar, which the filter has to withstand. In comparison: depending on the model, petrol filters work with up to 5 bar, and oil filters are subject to an operating pressure of 5 to 7 bar.

The filter fineness of the MANN+HUMMEL LPI filter is nearly that of modern common rail diesel injection systems. The LPI filter separates up to 92% of particles down to 5 microns (thousandth of a millimetre) and above 99 per cent of particles down to 10 microns. In comparison: the diameter of a human hair is roughly 50 to 100 microns. A special fully-synthetic composite filter medium with an ultra-fine microglass layer and a metal protection layer serve to ensure the performance. The filter is certified according to the high AZ/NZS 1425:2007 standards of the Australian Gas Association (AGA).

The market of LPG and LPI driven vehicles is growing, both in the OEM and in the conversion business. The MANN+HUMMEL LPI filter is also in use in Korea, especially with converted taxis.

Alternative mobility

MANN+HUMMEL manufactures other products for vehicles with alternative drive systems such as the air cleaner for the air-cooled rechargeable batteries of a French electric car and a North-American hybrid. For the Chevrolet Volt and the Opel Ampera, two electric cars for everyday use with an extended range from General Motors, the company is producing battery frames which seal and protect the 288 battery cells and infrastructure. In this case a rechargeable battery consists of more than 150 frames, with 20 having to provide this double function.

The largest order in the company history of MANN+HUMMEL was recently received for battery frames for an electric vehicle. In 2014 series production will start with up to 160,000 frames per day.

In addition, MANN+HUMMEL is currently working on more than 10 projects for cars with alternative drive systems, including the development of systems to regulate the pressure and air humidity within lithium-ion batteries. This protects the rechargeable batteries. In this case, the company combines new developments with proven technology - here, for example, air drying boxes for compressed air systems used in trucks. The company is also focussed on the air and liquid management for sensitive fuel cell stacks. MANN+HUMMEL is developing solutions which treat the water in the cooling circuit and clean and condition the intake air to protect the fuel cell cathode. The retention of dust particles and polluting gases is a standard task in the field of filtration. For the treatment of the intake air for fuel cells the filtration expert is able to call upon expertise and technology from its own developments which have already proven themselves millions of times in vehicle: cabin air filters!

Every year, MANN+HUMMEL invests approximately 4% of sales in research and development, which is well above the regional average of 2.6%. Part of the research budget is devoted to concepts, products and technology for vehicles with alternative drives. At the same time, the filtration specialists continue to focus on optimising solutions for the combustion engine, which will remain the basis for individual and commercial mobility for many years to come. The focus in research and development has always been to offer sustainable and environmentally-friendly products. Respect for people and the environment is an essential corporate value.

In the years from 1999 to 2010 the company group had an annual average growth of 9% and by 2018 plans to increase turnover to 3.4 billion euros. This will be made possible through organic growth and acquisitions. This substantial order for battery frames for electric cars underlines the competitiveness and innovative ability of MANN+HUMMEL and allows the company to grow further. (approx. 5,500 characters including spaces)

The new MANN+HUMMEL website will be online in time for the IAA motor show. Please visit us at www.mann-hummel.com.


The MANN+HUMMEL Group is a development partner and original equipment supplier to the international automotive and mechanical engineering industries. Employing approx. 13,200 people at 41 locations world-wide, the company achieved turnover of 2.18 billion Euros in 2010. The Group´s product portfolio includes air filter systems, intake manifold systems, liquid filter systems, cabin filters and cylinder head covers made of plastic with many integrated functions for the automotive industry, as well as filter elements for vehicle servicing and repair. For general engineering, process engineering and industrial manufacturing sectors the company´s product range includes industrial filters, a series of products to reduce carbon emission levels in diesel engines, membrane filters for water filtration, filter systems and complete lines as well as units for conveying, dosing and drying of free flowing plastics. Further information about MANN+HUMMEL can be found under http://www.mann-hummel.com.