Solutions for water scarcity in rural areas

MANN+HUMMEL accelerates its expansion in the Philippines to provide water to around 46,000 families

Ludwigsburg/Manila, 30th September 2011 - German-based filtration expert MANN+HUMMEL strengthens its operations in Philippines to offer solutions in providing safe water to urban and rural areas. The customer advantages of a MANN+HUMMEL system are high efficiency and compact design with a capacity tailored to the needs of the customer. Prominent MANN+HUMMEL customers are communities, industrial companies, and hotels. Since 2007, the MANN+HUMMEL Philippines Representative Office has built up a synergy network with a number of local partners in the Philippines to work on various water projects such as bulk water supply for Camarines Norte and Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis in Pulong Plazan, Candaba Pampangna.

Water scarcity is a frequent challenge for rural communities in the Philippines. Water sources are polluted with chemicals, bacteria, viruses and solids and this restricts the availability of fresh drinking water. Many water supply systems are too small to work efficiently, are characterised by poor quality, and are slow to recover the invested capital. As a result, a number of communities are not able to provide clean water for their households.

Since 2007, the five water districts of Cabanatuan, Marilao, San Fernando, Camarines Norte and Candaba, have commissioned MANN+HUMMEL to provide solutions for their communities. Currently about 46,000 families receive 150 litres of clean water for each person every day from MANN+HUMMEL systems. The water is used for household activities such as washing and bathing.

Today most of the water comes from raw water such as wells, boreholes, or rivers, which requires further processing to remove bacteria, viruses, chemicals and to dissolve solids. The solutions offered by MANN+HUMMEL have provided clean and affordable water with easy access for the community. MANN+HUMMEL systems, consisting of Klar (ultrafiltration systems), MBR (membrane bio-reactor systems) and the Rev-O (reverse osmosis systems) have proven their capabilities to process source water and provide clean water.

The rapid increase in population, estimated at more than 2% every year, urbanization, and industrialisation have all reduced the quality of water in the Philippines. Accordingly, the demand for clean water has increased considerably, especially in densely populated areas, industrial areas and agricultural areas. Access to a clean and adequate water supply remains an on-going problem in the urban and coastal areas of the Philippines and the MANN+HUMMEL Water Division will continue to provide solutions for communities in the Philippines.

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The group´s water filtration division is headquartered in Singapore and further information can be found under www.mannhummel-water.com