MANN-FILTER combi filters

Activated carbon in. Bad smells out.

MANN-FILTER combi filters filter out gaseous contaminants such as nitrogen oxides, fuel vapours, ozone and other odours from the surrounding air. Like a sponge, an activated carbon layer traps gaseous substances in pores 10,000 times finer than a human hair. The effectiveness of the activated carbon layer is due to its vast surface area: The surface area in just one teaspoon of activated carbon is larger than an entire football pitch. In the MANN-FILTER CUK 2939, for example, this area is equal to around 141 football pitches! In this way, the combi filter ensures a healthy and pleasant atmosphere in the vehicle cabin.

For even cleaner air inside the vehicle, use only the MANN-FILTER dust combi filter. It supplements the basic functions of the combi filter and, with a structure including up to five layers, offers even better separation efficiency for dust particles.