MANN+HUMMEL extends IQORON VP series – up to 70% longer service life

The extended IQORON VP compact air cleaner series covers nominal flow rates in the range of 14 to 33 m3/min. MANN+HUMMEL developed the compact two-stage air cleaner with new VarioPleat element for heavy duty off-highway applications with an output up to 370 kW with very tight installation space. In comparison to similar solutions available on the market it achieves up to a 70% longer service life. The design of the high performance VarioPleat filter element offers protection against fakes.

Two stage air cleaner IQORON VP for air flows from 14 to 33 m3/min

Ludwigsburg, November 12, 2017 - MANN+HUMMEL, filtration expert and development partner and series supplier to the international automotive and mechanical engineering industries, has extended its IQORON VP compact air cleaner series with sizes for nominal flow rates in the range of 14 to 33 m³/min. The IQORON VP is a two-stage air cleaner for applications where installation space is very tight. Target applications are, for example, construction and agricultural machinery or other mobile machines with an engine output up to 370 kW operating in extremely dusty conditions.

When operating without scavenging the IQORON VP achieves up to a 70% longer service life in comparison to existing solutions available on the market which require a similar amount of installation space. This is realized with an improved multi-cyclone pre-separator. With scavenging a pre-separation efficiency of over 90% is achieved and for discharge without scavenging via a dust discharge valve the value is only slightly less.

The IQORON VP can be fitted in a vertical or horizontal installation position and for the latter without a loss of performance. In comparison to other solutions available on the market the compact housing enables very short air ducts and requires less installation space. Its VarioPleat filter element with variable pleat height perfectly exploits the available installation space, minimizes pressure drop and offers a high dust holding capacity. Patent applications were filed for numerous innovative solutions which were created in the development process.

In addition, there is a wide range of options for dirty air, clean air ducts and mounting possibilities. The robust design of the housing and element provide excellent structural and temperature stability.

The service concept from the side, the filter element and the fasteners of the air cleaner system are designed to be user-friendly. Finally, there are a number of options with different attachments which can be fitted to the air cleaner.

The IQORON VP can also be used as a single-stage air cleaner. In this case the multi-cyclone block is replaced by an intake hood. As a single-stage air cleaner it can be combined with a DualSpin XT pre-separator. It is suitable for use with compressor and generator set applications. Its low flow resistance improves the energy efficiency of these applications.


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Press picture:         Two stage air cleaner IQORON VP for air flows from 14 to 33 m3/min

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