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Compact oil filter module from MANN+HUMMEL

The new compact oil management module from MANN+HUMMEL optimizes the installation space required in the engine compartment of commercial vehicles.

A new highly integrated oil management module from MANN+HUMMEL sets a new standard for the filtration of oil for commercial vehicle engines. A compact housing combines oil filtration, oil cooling and oil mist separation.

Ludwigsburg, 18th September, 2012 – MANN+HUMMEL makes effective use of the available space around the engine of commercial vehicles with a new, compact oil management module and a modern system integration. Measures to reduce emissions acc. to the Euro VI standard such as  particulate filters, exhaust gas recirculation and selective catalytic reduction systems continue to restrict installation space in the engine compartment. The 10.5 and 12.4 liter inline 6‑cylinder engines of the commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN, for example, benefits from the solution of the filtration specialist.

The new oil module combines oil filtration, oil cooling and oil mist separation in a single compact housing which integrates all three oil management interfaces to the engine. The module is self-ventilating, also filters in extremely tilted positions and is therefore suitable for off-road applications.

A technical highlight is the disk separator developed together with the Alfdex company. This enables the integration of a disk separator for oil mist separation in an oil module housing for the first time. The system is less complex than the required stand-alone solutions and requires considerably less installation space. The disk separator separates nearly 100% of the ultra-fine oil droplets from the crankcase blowby gas. It therefore prevents oily blowby gas from returning to the air intake system of the diesel engine or entering the environment.

The separator comprises a stack of conical disks. The blowby gas to be cleaned flows through these disks. An oil turbine driven by the oil flow rotates the disks up to 9,000 rpm. The resulting centrifugal force, 3000 times the effect of the earth's gravity, makes the fine oil droplets separate from the inflowing crankcase gas which are then thrown onto the inside wall of the separator. The separated oil flows back to the sump and cleaned gas flows back to the inlet manifold system of the engine. This reduces oil consumption and ensures that components such as the turbocharger or intercooler remain free of oil deposits. The disk separator is designed to be a maintenance-free lifetime component for 1.6 million kilometers or 20,000 hours.

MANN+HUMMEL uses a new high performance filter medium in the filter element made from mixed cellulose/polyester fibers. The newly developed medium requires 30% less filtration surface area and therefore also saves valuable installation space. The filter is designed for a service interval of 150,000 kilometers.

The design of the filter element is very service friendly. A bayonet catch between the housing cover and the upper filter element cap picks up the filter element when the cover is screwed on and at the same time opens the oil return located underneath the lower filter element cap. This enables a quick and clean oil service.

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The MANN+HUMMEL Group is a leading global expert for filtration solutions and development partner and original equipment supplier to the international automotive and mechanical engineering industries. Employing 14,338 people at more than 50 locations worldwide, the company achieved turnover of about 2.5 billion euros in 2011. The group’s product portfolio includes air filter systems, intake manifold systems, liquid filter systems, cabin filters and cylinder head covers made of plastic with many integrated functions for the automotive industry, as well as filter elements for vehicle servicing and repair. For general engineering, process engineering and industrial manufacturing sectors the company’s product range includes industrial filters, a series of products to reduce carbon emission levels in diesel engines, membrane filters for water filtration and filter systems.