Safe and healthy this winter with MANN-FILTER - Many vehicles on the road with worn-out cabin filters

With higher concentrations of fine dust, poorer visibility and fewer daylight hours, motorists must pay particular attention to road safety and protecting their health in winter. It is thus very important to change the cabin filter regularly and as specified. After all, efficient filters provide clean air and better visibility. Many motorists are however not aware of this.

Ludwigsburg, 5th December 2012 – The cabin filter in a car works really hard. It removes contaminants such as diesel soot, fine dust, tyre particles or road salt residues from the intake air before it enters the passenger compartment through the fan. To purify the air effectively, the cabin filter must be changed every 15,000 kilometres or once a year, explained Emrullah Atilgan, Cabin Filter Product Manager at MANN-FILTER. Motorists are however often unaware of this fact.

Changed far too infrequently
Findings gathered by automotive component supplier MANN+HUMMEL reveal that motorists in this country change the cabin filter on average only once every six years. The frequency here is rather more favourable on newer cars (on average every four years) than older ones (approximately seven years). ‘On most vehicles, the cabin filter is certainly not changed anywhere near frequently enough’, said specialist Emrullah Atilgan. The main reason, in his view, is simply lack of awareness. ‘The fact that a cabin filter is fitted in the vehicle, and its important functions to protect driver and passengers, is not clear to many motorists’.

Healthy environment in spite of stale winter air
The risk of high concentrations of fine dust increases in the winter months. As well as car traffic, heating systems are in use and weather conditions are often unfavourable. ‘With light winds and restricted air movement, pollutants from different sources collect, like inside a bell’, explained Ute Dauert from the Federal Environment Agency. In November last year, the authorities registered increased fine dust levels on 19 out of 30 days at over 50 measuring stations around the country. When air quality is poor in this way, fine dust concentrations are sometimes double the permissible levels. Consistently and reliably, however, MANN-FILTER products provide clear air inside the vehicle. So long as they are changed regularly, they remove almost 100% of harmful particles from the intake air, thus ensuring a constant supply of fresh air and a healthy environment.

Servicing improves road safety
The key element of a cabin filter is its filter medium. Over time and under increasing load, this medium slowly clogs up. A so-called filter cake is built up in the pleats. ‘When heavily contaminated, moisture in the filter media also increases, creating a fertile environment for microbes to multiply and above all, air flow gradually decreases’, warned Arnulf Thiemel, expert of the German automotive association ADAC. If the fan is not functioning properly, the risk of accident increases: screen and windows mist more quickly and a dangerous greasy film is formed. Particularly on dark mornings or evenings, the driver’s view can be seriously impaired through dazzle from oncoming traffic. To improve road safety, workshops and distributors must therefore emphasise the importance of changing the cabin filter regularly.

Comfort and safety for very little cost
MANN-FILTER supplies cabin filters in OE quality for just a few Cents per day. Particle filters retain solid particles such as dust and diesel soot from the intake air, whilst combi- filters also have an activated carbon layer which eliminates harmful gases such as ozone, benzene, as well as unpleasant odours. Upgrading is simple and no extra time or effort is required: when changing the filter, the mechanic just replaces the particle filter with the more effective combi-filter.  (approx. 3,900 characters including spaces)

The MANN+HUMMEL Group is a leading global expert for filtration solutions and development partner and original equipment supplier to the international automotive and mechanical engineering industries. Employing 14,338 people at more than 50 locations worldwide, the company achieved turnover of about 2.5 billion euros in 2011. The group’s product portfolio includes air filter systems, intake manifold systems, liquid filter systems, cabin filters and cylinder head covers made of plastic with many integrated functions for the automotive industry, as well as filter elements for vehicle servicing and repair. For general engineering, process engineering and industrial manufacturing sectors the company’s product range includes industrial filters, a series of products to reduce carbon emission levels in diesel engines, membrane filters for water filtration and filter systems. Further information about MANN+HUMMEL can be found under www.mann-hummel.com.