Actively recommending fresh cabin filters

The blossoming of hazel, birch, poplar and willow in Spring once again marks the start of high season for allergy sufferers. Fits of sneezing, puffy eyes and difficulty breathing can adversely affect road safety. It is particularly important to ensure at this time that clean air in the passenger compartment is maintained when driving. Cabin filters from MANN-FILTER reliably carry out this cleaning function. However, very few motorists change their filters regularly and as specified. Distributors and workshops should now take the opportunity to remind their customers just how necessary it is to change the filter.

Cabin filters for passenger cars from MANN-FILTER

Effective protection against pollen and fine dust

Ludwigsburg, 14th March 2013 – around 45 million vehicles travel on average 15,000 kilometres per year on German roads. These days, over 90% of them are fitted with a cabin filter, which should be replaced annually or at 15,000 kilometre intervals. The reality is however quite different. The filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL has established that owners have the oil filter changed every eighteen months to two years on average, but for cabin filters, it is only once every four to six years. This corresponds to a service interval of between 60,000 and 90,000 kilometres, which is far too long.

Actively informing motorists through workshops
‘It is rare that the cabin filter is changed during routine visits to the workshop’, says Emrullah Atilgan, Cabin Filters Product Manager at MANN-FILTER. Many motorists are not even aware that their vehicle is fitted with a cabin filter. ‘We recommend that workshop professionals contact the vehicle holders on a regular basis, explaining the importance and benefits of the cabin filter’, Atilgan continues.

Healthy environment in the passenger compartment essential for allergy sufferers
In traffic, an unhealthy mixture of fine dust, diesel soot, pollen, ozone, exhaust gases and other harmful substances builds up. Cabin filters made by MANN-FILTER remove virtually 100% of these particles and gases before high concentrations can enter the passenger compartment via the ventilation system. Consistent filtration performance is maintained throughout the service interval. The OE-quality cabin filters thus create a pleasant and healthy atmosphere inside the car. Particularly for children, people with allergies and asthmatics, protecting the vehicle occupants is of paramount importance. Allergies have now become a widespread health problem in Germany. According to the German Society for Allergology and Clinical Immunology, 20-25% of people in Germany already have such conditions. For over 80% of these sufferers, allergic reactions are triggered by pollen which is recorded at highest levels between spring and autumn.

Superfine filters reduce risk of illness
The mixture of fine dust and natural pollen which accumulates in traffic can be particularly troublesome for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. Superfine cabin filters from MANN+HUMMEL provide effective protection here. They are also extremely important as a medical prophylactic. In scanning electron microscope images of MANN+HUMMEL cabin filters used under real conditions, dust particles smaller than 2.5 microns in size (30-40 times finer than a human hair) are visible on the filter fibres. Such particles can penetrate deep into the lungs, increasing the risk of respiratory problems. A cabin filter can however only perfectly carry out its meticulous cleaning function if it is replaced at the right time. Over time, as the fine fibres and pores become clogged with contaminants from the outside air, filtration performance gradually decreases. Driver and passengers are thus exposed not only to stale but also harmful air. Risk of accident increases too, as the reactions and concentration of the driver are impaired. An exhausted filter can also affect the sensitive components in the air conditioning system.

Change the particle and activated carbon filter quickly and easily
MANN-FILTER provides detailed installation instructions with all cabin filter elements for passenger cars. Fitting is easy, usually taking only 10-20 minutes. The advice to automotive workshops from Emrullah Atilgan is: ‘A new filter should at least be offered when the oil filer is changed. Adhering to the specified annual service is however even better’. There are two variants to choose from: particle filters retain solid particles such as fine dust, soot and tyre particles, whilst combi-filters – thanks to an additional activated carbon layer – also almost completely eliminate harmful gases such as ozone and benzene, as well as unpleasant odours. Upgrading is quite straightforward: when changing the filter, the mechanic can generally without any additional effort replace the particle filter by the more effective activated carbon filter.

Wide range of products
With over 99% market coverage in Europe, MANN-FILTER can offer a suitable cabin filter for virtually every model of passenger car and transporter. The current product portfolio includes more than 540 different cabin filter types in OE quality.
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