MANN+HUMMEL extends ENTARON XD and IQORON air cleaner series

At the COMVAC trade fair, MANN+HUMMEL will present the extended, modular ENTARON XD and IQORON air cleaner series. The ENTARON XD covers nominal flow rates up to 40 m3/min with 7 sizes. The IQORON product family has 7 sizes for nominal flow rates up to 14m3/min.



Ludwigsburg, 8 April 2013 – at the Comvac trade fair in Hanover, MANN+HUMMEL, development partner and series supplier to the international automotive and mechanical engineering industries, will present its extended modular ENTARON XD and IQORON air cleaner series.

ENTARON XD sizes available for nominal flow rates from 7 to 28 m3/min. In the second half of 2013 the ENTARON XD will also be available for air requirements up to 40 m3/min. The series offers high performance for the most important air cleaner parameters such as installation space, separation efficiency, service life, flexibility, servicing and economy.

The IQORON air cleaner family with its oval shape and design is especially suitable for applications with limited installation space. The IQORON-S, IQORON-V and IQORON versions cover flow rates from 4 to 14 m3/min. The filters of the IQORON-S series are designed for applications where a minimal pressure drop is required such as with stationary compressors. The IQORON-V series was developed for very dusty applications with limited space. Depending on the available installation space, it can be fitted with a dust discharge valve or scavenged. The IQORON series achieves the highest performance to size ratio for applications with high dust levels. The series has a long service life achieved by a pre-separator with a multi-cyclone block which is scavenged to realise a pre-separation efficiency over 95%.
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Press picture: MANN+HUMMEL ENTARON XD 40
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