New type of coalescence element provides compact and cost-effective component protection - Blow-by gas: Innovative oil separator with high efficiency

Ludwigsburg, September 2013 – the advantages of the new easy to integrate and cost-effective SD oil separator from MANN+HUMMEL are excellent oil separation from blow-by gas, perfect protection for components in the air intake, and a long life.

Oil separator

The name SD points to the innovative core of the new oil separator. SD stands for "structured deflection", the deflector plate inside the oil separator with a special pyramid-like structure, which sharply deflects the blow-by gas with high kinetic energy. In contrast to other conventional flat deflector plates, this allows much more effective coalescence of the oil droplets to an oil film. "In terms of separation efficiency, the SD oil separator puts MANN+HUMMEL in the top league of the passive inertial separators", says Dr. Thomas Schleiden, responsible for the development of crankcase ventilation systems at MANN+HUMMEL.

Design, integration and cost advantages
In addition to the high separation efficiency, the SD oil separator from MANN+HUMMEL convinces through its extremely compact and flexible design. The robust and reliable component concept enables adaption of the separator design to specific customer requirements and tight installation space. Even late in the project phase it is relatively easy to adapt the component to the engine compartment. This reduces the cost of integrating the SD oil separator.

Protect components, reduce emissions
The protection of components in the engine air intake important for the reduction of pollutant emissions and ever stricter emission standards mean that modern cars require efficient separation of the oil content of blow-by gas. The SD oil separator from MANN+HUMMEL protects components such as the turbocharger against droplet impact or the intercooler against contamination by oil particles in the gas flow and therefore prevents loss of performance and malfunctions.


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