For health and road safety in commercial vehicles – into the cold season with a fresh filter

As the days get shorter and visibility gets worse in autumn and winter, a well-functioning pollen filter makes an important contribution to road safety. It also protects the health of professional drivers and ensures clean air in the vehicle interior. Following the warm, high-pollen season, it's time to replace the cabin filter at the next workshop visit.

Mechanic with activated carbon filter

MANN-FILTER cabin filter for commercial vehicles

During the warm spring and summer months, the air is heavily contaminated with pollen. In addition to sooty particles, dust and tyre abrasion, the pollen contributes towards clogging the cabin filter of the bus or commercial vehicle. When preparing their vehicles for the cold and dark season, many fleet managers and drivers think of winter tyres, antifreeze or de-icing spray. "A new cabin filter is equally important. It has to perform at the highest level during the autumn and winter to ensure good visibility and a healthy atmosphere in the passenger compartment," says Emrullah Atilgan, Product Manager cabin filter at MANN-FILTER. Workshops and distributors should inform their customers of this fact, advises the expert. To maintain optimum performance in high mileage, commercial applications, the cabin filter should be changed twice a year.

Efficient investment in preventive healthcare
Measurements have revealed that, without a cabin filter, the driver is exposed to a significantly higher concentration of pollutants than roadside pedestrians. Like a vacuum cleaner, the ventilation system draws in the exterior air, which is contaminated with particles and harmful gases. Up to 420,000 litres per hour of air enter the vehicle interior through the filter, the air conditioning, heating system and blowers. MANN-FILTER cabin filters ensure clean air in the vehicle interior. They clean the aspirated exterior air and remove nearly 100 percent of harmful particles. Over time, however, the core of the filter, the filter medium, gradually clogs up, which can result in a reduction in blower capacity by around 50 to 70 percent. In order to ensure fully effective air cleaning and a good air flow, the cabin filter should be replaced at timely and regular intervals. A new filter is therefore a good investment in the health of regular/long-distance drivers.

A clear view on dark days
Cabin filters also protect the air conditioning system from contamination and increase its operating life as no deposits form in the fine structures of the evaporator when the filter is replaced as specified. At the same time, full cooling and heating output of the air conditioning system is maintained. In the winter, this ensures, for example, that the vehicle interior warms up more rapidly. Full blower capacity is also essential here. If, on the other hand, the air flow decreases due to a clogged filter, misted-up windows and a dangerous glare/greasy film can result. Particularly when faced with oncoming traffic in darkness, the driver's view is significantly impaired. "A clogged filter and a poor air flow can have an impact on the road safety of the vehicle and the risk of accident is considerably increased," warns Arnulf Thiemel, a specialist for automotive engineering at the German automobile association, ADAC.

Fast and simple upgrade possible
MANN FILTER supplies cabin filters in OE quality for safety, comfort and a healthy climate during driving. With many filters, it is also easy to upgrade to an activated carbon filter Particle filters retain solid particles such as dust, pollen and soot, whilst combi-filters – thanks to an additional activated carbon layer – also almost completely eliminate harmful gases such as ozone and benzene, as well as unpleasant odours. When changing the filter, the mechanic can generally without any additional effort replace the particle filter by the more effective combi-filter.


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Press image:             MANN-FILTER cabin filter for commercial vehicles
                                   Mechanic with activated carbon filter

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