MANN+HUMMEL solutions for cabin filters conforming to EN 15695

At the Agritechnica trade fair MANN+HUMMEL will present OEM solutions for cabin filters which conform to categories 2 to 4 of the EN 15695 standard. With a wide range of different filter media and excellent installation space flexibility the company is well equipped to meet the requirements of agricultural tractors and self-propelled sprayers. At the MANN+HUMMEL cabin air filter center in Himmelkron in Germany products are developed and tested. Cabin air filters are produced at Himmelkron and at other locations in the group's global production network.

MANN+HUMMEL cabin filters

Speyer, 10 November, 2013 – at the Agritechnica trade fair MANN+HUMMEL will present its OEM solutions for cabin filters which conform to categories 2 to 4 of the EN 15695 standard. This European standard regulates the protection of drivers of agricultural tractors and self‑propelled sprayers against hazardous substances in the air. Cabins classified according to EN 15695 use appropriate filtration equipment to reduce the exposure of the operator to pollutants in the air as far as this is possible. The health of the driver is the top priority.

The EN 15695 standard defines 4 categories for the scope of protection required for a driver's cabin against hazardous substances. The standard also stipulates the requirements for the filter elements used in each category and also the method how compliant filter elements have to be tested. Category 1 does not require driver protection and therefore there is no need for a filter. MANN+HUMMEL offers special solutions with a variety of filter media and media combinations to comply with the other 3 categories. Protection against dust is taken care of in category 2: for cabins in this category MANN+HUMMEL offers filter elements using a cellulose or non‑woven medium. The third category defines values for protection against dust and aerosols in the cabin. MANN+HUMMEL offers cabin filters with an additional glass fibre medium to comply with the higher requirements of this category. Category 4 defines protection against dust, aerosols and vapours. MANN+HUMMEL offers filters which comply with this highest protection category using a combined cellulose or non-woven, glass fibre and activated carbon medium. The R&D engineers at MANN+HUMMEL support customers with the configuration of the right filter for each category and provide the required test certificates. In addition to efficient product solutions customers benefit from excellent flexibility in terms of dimensions and shape of the respective filter element.

MANN+HUMMEL has been a competent development partner to the automotive industry for more than 70 years. In the area of cabin filtration the company fulfils all needs and requirements for fresh and recirculated air. The company's own cabin air filter center in Himmelkron, Germany combines the know-how, media expertise, and testing and production facilities for cabin air filters necessary to develop high quality and reliable solutions for customers. Cabin filters are also produced at other locations in the group's global production network.

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