New product for the independent aftermarket:
High-performance heated diesel filter for reliable cold starting

Just ready for the start of winter, MANN-FILTER is introducing an innovative diesel filter with integral sandwich-type heater for the independent aftermarket.

The new standard for cold starting: MANN-FILTER fuel filter with integral sandwich-type heater

The product, developed by filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL, sets new standards through its significantly improved heating performance. The filter thus ensures reliable cold starting of diesel engines even at extreme temperatures of minus 10°C and below.

In Germany, biting frost is no rare occurrence in winter. Recently, at the beginning of 2012, anticyclone "Cooper" brought us icy cold direct from Siberia with temperatures of minus 20°C and below. When temperatures drop this low, there is a danger of diesel vehicles breaking down due to gelling of the diesel fuel. Even the winter diesel available during the cold season begins to gel below around minus 20°C and no longer flows freely. Below this so-called filterability temperature limit, paraffin crystals are formed in the fuel, which agglomerate and can block the fine pores of the fuel filter. The innovative diesel filter with integral electric heating element from MANN+HUMMEL lowers the filterability temperature limit by around 8 degrees, ensuring reliable cold starting, even at low temperatures. The Ludwigsburg-based filter manufacturer already produces the compact component in series for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and commercial vans.

Heating performance sets new standards
From December, MANN-FILTER will also supply these fuel filters to the independent automotive aftermarket, supplementing its extensive product range. "With this move, we will meet the significantly increased demand in the independent aftermarket," says Melanie Michler, Fuel Filters Product Manager at MANN-FILTER. The technical highlight of the fuel filter is the integral heater in sandwich design with its significantly increased heating performance of up to 540 watts and improved flow guidance of the diesel around the heating elements. Advantage for motorists: At around minus 28°C, the temperature limit for reliable cold starting is several degrees lower than before. "With this heating performance, the fuel filter sets a new benchmark in its class", says Melanie Michler.

Even if there is an early cold snap – like last October – motorists are on the safe side with the new diesel filter from MANN-FILTER. The filterability temperature limit for normal diesel fuel is about minus 7°C. The high-performance, integral sandwich-type heater ensures problem-free diesel filtration down to around 8 degrees below the limit value. Even if the changeover from summer to winter diesel has not yet taken place at the filling stations, the heating system permits reliable cold starting down to around minus 15°C.

Economical demand-based regulation
The heater is regulated for low energy consumption via the engine control unit and is only activated as required. For this purpose, a sensor measures both the ambient temperature and the pressure upstream of the filter element. This pressure increases as soon as the diesel begins to paraffinise. When the pressure drops because the fuel is flowing freely again, the system reduces the heating power accordingly.

The fuel filter with integral heater also offers benefits in terms of installation space and safety. It is extremely compact and is installed directly on the engine. It is made from highly deformable sheet steel for high crash safety. Whereas, with a separate heater, there is a danger of fuel escaping from the heater seal, the risk of leaks is virtually non-existent in the case of an installed sandwich-type heater. It also simplifies and speeds up installation. As no seal needs to be replaced, only two fuel hoses and an electric plug have to be connected.

Long replacement intervals thanks to high dirt retention
In addition to the heating performance, MANN+HUMMEL has also improved the filter medium to increase the dust holding capacity of the filter during fuel filtration. The latest generation of diesel filter therefore has a significantly longer service life. So long as the diesel used meets the EN590 diesel fuel standard, filter replacement is only necessary every three years or after around 70,000 kilometres.


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Press image: The new standard for cold starting: MANN-FILTER fuel filter with integral sandwich-type heater

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