Oil filter change service: the right wrench quickly at hand

Under the motto "Perfect parts. Perfect service." MANN-FILTER offers a comprehensive set of oil filter wrenches in a handy case. These robust tools facilitate the removal of spin-on oil filters, are clearly sorted and quickly to hand in the workshop.

The MANN-FILTER wrench set in a handy case

New spin-on oil filters can usually be screwed on by hand. Removal of the "black cans" after a long period of service is generally more difficult as unscrewing requires significantly greater force. The special wrenches are ideal tools for this purpose. MANN-FILTER therefore offers a suitable tool for virtually all its branded spin-on oil filters in the passenger and commercial vehicle segments. Particularly in the restricted space of the engine compartment, removal using MANN-FILTER wrenches is faster and simpler than with standard tools.

Nine quality tools in a handy set
The wrenches can be purchased individually, as a set in a cardboard box or in a foam-lined plastic case. The set comprises nine different
MANN-FILTER wrenches – clearly arranged and snugly packed in made-to-measure inserts. The 2.7 kilogram, lightweight and handy green case contains robust and sturdy, high-quality tools.

Six of the nine wrenches are made from die cast aluminium, three from fibre-reinforced polyamide. In addition to spin-on oil filters, they can be used for removing many fuel filters. The same applies to oil filter module housing lids, wherever removal requires a wrench.

Wrenches for an extensive service range
MANN+HUMMEL is one of the few filter manufacturers on the market to offer the suitable wrenches for its MANN-FILTER products, individually or as a set. The Ludwigsburg-based company thus lives up to its claim of providing high service quality and an extensive service range.
"MANN-FILTER takes service for the independent aftermarket and the workshops just as seriously as the products themselves. We therefore supply the practical, high-quality wrench case despite not being a conventional tool manufacturer," explains Jörg Schömmel, Product Manager Oil Filters at MANN-FILTER.

MANN-FILTER also lives up to its motto "Perfect parts. Perfect service.“ through its Customer Service Center, which provides individual professional advice to workshops and the trade. The service staff answer questions, for example on the current catalogue, technical details, delivery times, order status and advertising materials – and of course on the MANN-FILTER wrenches. Just like the filters, potential customers can obtain the wrench case from automotive parts wholesalers.


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Press image: The MANN-FILTER wrench set in a handy case

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