Comprehensive filtration technology for marine applications

Premiere at the 2014 SMM in Hamburg. At the world's leading trade fair for the maritime industry, MANN+HUMMEL, the international filtration specialist, will for the first time present its extended product range in the area of HVAC and process air which is the result of the acquisition of Vokes Air. The focus will be on the comprehensive range of filtration solutions for combustion engines and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in marine applications.

Steffen Schneider, Group Vice President & General Manager Industrial Business

Speyer – September 9, 2014 – in February 2014, MANN+HUMMEL, with headquarters in Ludwigsburg, acquired Vokes Air. The subsidiary based  in the Swedish town of Svenljunga is a leading supplier of filtration solutions for HVAC and process air. The acquisition allows MANN+HUMMEL to participate in a new market segment with high potential. The new company was renamed to MANN+HUMMEL Vokes Air.

At the SMM 2014 in Hamburg, MANN+HUMMEL will present itself for the first time to the international shipbuilding and shipbuilding supplier industry together with its extended range of products for combustion engines and HVAC applications. The MANN+HUMMEL Group has now become a full-service supplier to the international shipbuilding industry and its partners, with the ability to provide a comprehensive range of filtration solutions from a single source. "A large number of our products are used in ships – for example, on a cruise ship you will find up to 1,000 air cleaners", says Steffen Schneider, head of the business unit for industrial filtration at MANN+HUMMEL.

The product range includes air cleaners, reversible oil and fuel filters, oil centrifuges and crankcase ventilation valves for combustion engines in motor yachts, frigates and towboats. These high quality filters protect expensive engines against premature wear and extend service life. They also avoid unnecessary downtimes caused by maintenance and repairs.

In the segment for HVAC and process air, which is increasingly gaining in importance, MANN+HUMMEL Vokes Air serves all marine applications including large cruise ships. The company supplies panel and bag filters for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems which provide clean air below deck and smaller air cleaners for cabins for personnel and guests.

Cruise ships, for example, sailing in the Mediterranean or Caribbean employ air conditioning systems to maintain a pleasant temperature in the cabins. Millions of cubic metres of cold air are required to supply a complete ship – and this air has to be filtered. "If the air conditioning or ventilation systems were not equipped with air cleaners, the systems would quickly collect dust and dirt particles from the air and the performance of the fans, ducts and cooling batteries would go down", explains Steffen Schneider.  The result would be higher power consumption.

Ships operating in areas with high humidity have the additional problem of high salt content in the air. The combination of salt particles and high humidity corrodes equipment which must then be replaced or repaired at great expense. The costs for repairs or replacement equipment can add up to several million euros a year. High quality filters from the MANN+HUMMEL group filter the air and offer reliable protection while achieving a long service life.

A further range of activated carbon filters promote well-being and a pleasant environment on-board by trapping odours and potentially harmful gases such as cigarette smoke and diesel fumes.

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Press picture:           Steffen Schneider, Group Vice President & General Manager Industrial Business

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The MANN+HUMMEL Group is a leading global expert for filtration solutions and development partner and original equipment supplier to the international automotive and mechanical engineering industries. Employing approx. 15,200 people at more than 60 locations worldwide, the company achieved turnover of approx. 2.68 billion euros in 2013. The group's product portfolio includes air filter systems, intake manifold systems, liquid filter systems, cabin filters and plastic components for sound design, so-called symposers, and filter elements for the servicing of motor vehicles. For general engineering, process engineering and industrial applications the company's product range includes industrial filters and membrane filters for water filtration and filter systems. Under the Vokes Air brand the company produces filtration solutions for HVAC and process air.