Technology leap in filtration: significant service life extension and a 30-fold increase in filter fineness are possible

MANN+HUMMEL at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014

The potential for further increases in filtration performance have by no means been exhausted. The filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL sees the possibility for further considerable increases in dust holding capacity for air, oil, cabin and fuel filters. At the same time, significant enhancements in filter fineness can be expected compared with today's already highly developed filter media. For fuel filter media of the current highest-performance MULTIGRADE F-MB generation, for example, this means a future increase from 99.7 percent for particles with a size of 4 micrometres to 99.99 percent - corresponding to a factor of 30.

High-performance Diesel filter elements with MULTIGRADE F-MB filtermedia

The nanofiber coated MICROGRADE NF filter medium from MANN+HUMMEL sets a new standard for air cleaners in commercial vehicles

Virtual clone of a MANN+HUMMEL filtermedium of the new MULTIGRADE F-G platform

Ludwigsburg/Hanover, 23 September 2014 - Higher filter performance allows a longer filter service life or downsizing. This reflects the trend for less installation space and lower weight as well as reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

"We are currently experiencing a technological leap in filtration, due above all to our powerful computer simulation tools. Using computer tomography, we are able to analyse the fiber structures and carry out knowledge-based optimisation of these structures using innovative calculation programs. This makes it possible to virtually develop a new generation of filter media," says Dr. Gunnar-Marcel Klein, Head of Filter Element Development at MANN+HUMMEL. "For the first time, we can predict particle separation in a practical manner and use this for targeted optimisation of the fiber structures."

There is currently a trend in the filtration industry to increasingly replace the cellulose fibers that still dominate the market with synthetic high-performance fibers and to combine these in different layers. Fibers with a diameter of around and less than 1 micrometre are increasingly used for this purpose. Modern air filter media with nano fiber coatings have even finer fibers. These are 500 times finer than a human hair and achieve exceptionally high filtration performance.

MANN+HUMMEL nano fiber media from the MICROGRADE A-NF series are also used in the new VarioPleat air filter series for commercial vehicles in order to achieve higher filter fineness values and thus protect the turbocharger and air mass flow meter without reductions in service life. The VarioPleat innovation is a current example of the ability of MANN+HUMMEL to provide maximum filtration performance in spite of compact dimensions through the use of state-of-the-art technology in filter element production.

As a classic 'enabling technology‘, filtration permits reliable operation of modern engines in practical applications. MANN+HUMMEL develops the necessary high-performance solutions, from filter elements with nano fiber coatings that offer exceptional separation ability through to innovative systems for air and fluid management applications with integrated functions that go beyond pure filtration.

The range of filtration applications extends from ultra-modern diesel fuel filters with three-stage water separation, high-performance engine oil filters with fully synthetic filter medium and space-saving commercial vehicle air filter systems through to cabin air filters that remove respirable fine dust particles. State-of-the-art production technologies and decades of experience ensure reliable operation even in conditions of Arctic cold, monsoon rain and tropical heat, in extremely dusty regions as well as with poor fuel qualities.

The MANN+HUMMEL Engineering Network with a global testing organisation ensures uniform quality standards worldwide through fast and customer-oriented product validation in accordance with current ISO test standards and under real component loads in field operation. MANN+HUMMEL also relies on the best people in the filtration field. 1,000 research and development employees work on future-oriented products worldwide. Cooperation with universities, institutes and software developers is the key to maintaining the company's leading position in the filtration field. With patent applications submitted for more than 200 inventions in 2013, the filtration specialist is one of the most active patent applicants in Germany.


Press images:        The nanofiber coated MICROGRADE NF filter medium from MANN+HUMMEL sets a new standard for air cleaners in commercial vehicles

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