MANN-FILTER transmission oil filters

For all transmission types. For all requirements.

High performance, high switching convenience, maximum operating safety: Modern transmission designs are dependent on perfect lubrication and therefore require filter media that reliably free the transmission oil of undesirable particles over long periods. High-quality MANN-FILTER transmission oil filters ensure the highest levels of oil purity and thus optimum wear protection for the sensitive transmission components.

We individually adapt the design, filter medium and housing material of our filter solutions to meet the diverse requirements of different transmission designs. Our high-performance filter media, made from paper, nonwoven material and glass fibres, are therefore used in many different housing types, e.g. as compact flat filters in fully plastic designs or as cost-effective spin-on filters. Suction or pressure-side filters are used, depending on the transmission design. Suction filters are used in automatic gearboxes and sit in the oil sump as compact flat filters. Pressure filters are used to reinforce suction filters in innovative transmission designs such as CVT and dual clutch gearboxes and are also used in manual transmissions which require a higher level of oil purity.