MANN-FILTER PreLine prefilter system

Better filtration for diesel fuel. Longer lifespan for injection systems.

PreLine is an innovative prefilter solution for diesel fuel systems which ensures a high degree of water separation and particle pre-separation. The modular retrofit system is tailored to the most modern diesel direct injection systems for industrial diesel engines. These use sensitive technology and therefore require a particularly high level of fuel quality. For error-free operation, everything from the smallest particles through to large quantities of water must be efficiently separated from the fuel.

The PreLine modular assembly system meets these requirements perfectly. As it is based on the principle of the spin-on filter, it is cost-effective, can be used universally and is easy to operate. With a water separation efficiency of over 93% and a long service life, PreLine provides a whole range of advantages: all modern high-pressure injection systems are reliably protected from corrosion and abrasion, the service life of the main filter is increased and the frequency of repairs reduced.

PreLine brochure