Trend to full integration reduces costs and weight

MANN+HUMMEL intake manifold with fully integrated intercooler and innovative charge air duct

Intake manifold with fully integrated intercooler and innovative charge air duct

Ludwigsburg, 11th September 2013 – Innovative products with technical and commercial advantages are no stranger to MANN+HUMMEL. The intake manifold with fully integrated intercooler and innovative charge air duct are no exception. The light construction solution reduces weight, costs and the number of interfaces and is ideally suited to turbocharged gasoline engines.

With intercoolers there is a trend away from direct, front-end fitted air to air intercoolers over to indirect water to air intercoolers. The new concept convinces through a smaller front-end package, lower pressure drop in the intake system, and therefore improved response characteristics as well as lower costs for the cooler.

Fully integrated intercooler
The systems available today with an integrated intercooler are insertion solutions whereby the intercooler is only fitted afterwards into the intake manifold from the outside. MANN+HUMMEL has now gone one step further. In cooperation with a cooler specialist, MANN+HUMMEL now offers automobile manufacturers the option of full integration of the intercooler and thus underlines its position in the market as an innovative system supplier for all components of the air intake system.

In fully integrated systems, during the production of the double shell intake manifold the cooler is placed in one of the half-shells and is then integrated in the component by welding the shells.

  • As a result, the cooler is subject to lower mechanical pressure loads and can be designed to be light-weight as the intake manifold ensures the rigidity of the system. The need for screws and large circumferential seals to the outside is removed with just the need for three screws within the half-shell.
  • The circumferential shells enable a light-weight design as thinner wall thicknesses are combined with high structural rigidity. Here MANN+HUMMEL is able to exploit many years of experience in the development and production of intake manifolds.
  • The half-shell concept makes it easy to direct the airflow to the cooler using guiding ribs. This results in the lowest possible pressure drop with a simultaneously equal distribution of the intake air with regard to volume flow rate and temperature.
  • The innovative hot gas welding of the half-shell is also high tech and is characterized by an extremely compact welding seam geometry resulting in high mechanical component strength and a process with very high technical component cleanliness.
  • Variation of the plates and guiding ribs can be used to adapt the cooler to the engine output. This reduces the R&D costs for the customer and lowers the costs for entry-level engines.

Stand-alone solution for indirect charge air cooling
The same technology can be used to realize stand-alone solutions for indirect charge air cooling. In particular, this concept takes higher EGR rates and EGR equal distribution into consideration and lowers the risk of the cooler becoming clogged.

Innovative charge air duct: Agile Joint
In comparison to conventional designs, intake manifolds with an integrated intercooler do not require a charge air duct on the cold side of the air duct path. The charge air duct on the hot side changes into an engine-mounted component and no longer has to compensate for movements between the engine and the bodywork as was previously the case, but only has to manage mounting and thermal tolerances. MANN+HUMMEL has an innovative joint solution with compensating elements for this function. This Agile Joint charge air duct cuts costs, reduces weight and perfectly exploits the available limited installation space. MANN+HUMMEL uses suitable high-temperature materials for components subject to high thermal loads.

Advantages of the fully integrated intercooler

  • Smaller front-end package
  • Low pressure loss
  • Short air duct path/improved response characteristics
  • Reasonably priced cooler
  • Less interfaces in the intake system
  • Only small cooling pipes in the front-end
  • Increased cooling performance independent of speed
  • No transfer of vibrations
  • Intake manifold and Agile Joint charge air duct perfectly adapted to system architecture from a single source



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