FSC® at MANN+HUMMEL - MANN+HUMMEL produces first FSC-certified air filter

MANN+HUMMEL now supports sustainable forestry with environmentally friendly filter media for air filters. In addition to ensuring compliance with technical specifications, the company is equally committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly operations. The conservation of resources plays a significant role in this context. MANN+HUMMEL has recently had two production locations certified in accordance with the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) in order to manufacture and market products containing wood from certified sources.

The first FSC certified air filter

Ludwigsburg, 5 May 2014 – MANN+HUMMEL obtained certification for its plants in Marklkofen, Germany (Licence Code FSC-C118474) and Laval, France (Licence Code FSC-C119780) in accordance with FSC requirements at the end of 2013. Thanks to this proven instrument for chain of custody certification, these plants are now authorised to market certified filtration products bearing the FSC label. MANN+HUMMEL has now produced the first air filter element with an FSC-certified filter medium in collaboration with the car manufacturer Renault. This filter element will be used in original equipment products (OEM) and will also be available as a service part for the OES (Original Equipment Service) trade.

"FSC certification means that we undertake to use certified cellulose from forests that adhere to strict environmental and social standards," explains Marcel Hofmeister, Product Champion Engine Air Filtration MANN+HUMMEL, who is responsible for the strategic alignment with regard to air filters worldwide. "We are very much aware of our responsibility when it comes to sustainable management of the earth's resources," says Hofmeister. 

A variety of filter media are used in air, fuel and oil filter systems and products. In the area of air filters in particular, a large proportion of air filter media are made from cellulose fiber or mixed media containing cellulose fiber.

These filter media have proven themselves millions of times over in practice. MANN+HUMMEL is continuously working with filter media manufacturers to develop filter media and keep up with the latest technological developments. These cellulose fibers originate from the timber industry – as is the case with similar products in paper manufacture – and must be obtained from fresh wood. With FSC certification, MANN+HUMMEL can now guarantee that these fibers originate from responsible sources, which means that the wood is obtained through sustainable forestry.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent NGO based in Bonn. FSC is committed to improving forest management worldwide. To this end, FSC develops, supports and promotes international, national and regional standards. In addition to environmental considerations, the FSC standard also guarantees improved social conditions in areas such as occupational safety. Chain of custody certification, i.e. certification of the processing and wood supply chain from the forest through to retail, creates greater transparency for consumers.

With chain of custody certification, MANN+HUMMEL is ensuring that the strict guidelines for sustainable forest management are met in FSC-certified filter media and the relevant raw materials. FSC certification is transparent. Consumers can look up the owner of the certificate and check its validity on the FSC website using the code below the FSC label.

Following on from the experience gained in initial projects, there are now plans to produce further elements bearing the FSC logo. Moreover, MANN+HUMMEL is currently working on air filter systems with FSC-certified air filter elements.


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