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Ultrafiltration, bio-membrane reactors, reverse osmosis - MANN+HUMMEL at IFAT

Filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL presents its solutions in the field of water filtration at IFAT in Munich. Industries and organisations with a demand for high quality solutions and products for water and wastewater treatment...[más]


MANN+HUMMEL: New subsidiary in Dubai

The filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL has established its first subsidiary in the Orient with premises in the Dubai free trade zone (DAFZA). The MANN+HUMMEL Middle East FZE under the management of Susan Falah will now directly...[más]


SCHOELLER INDUSTRIES takes over ProTec, a subsidiary of MANN+HUMMEL

OHL Engineering GmbH PET Recycling Technologies, a subsidiary of SCHOELLER, Pullach near Munich, has taken over the operative business of the MANN+HUMMEL subsidiary ProTec, with headquarters in Bensheim. With this acquisition...[más]


Improve Filtration and reduce costs

MANN+HUMMEL offers a newly developed modular skid design and an improved flow geometry for the microfiltration and ultrafiltration of water. Customer benefits are considerable savings with regard to energy and space requirements,...[más]


More robust and stable

MANN+HUMMEL expands it product portfolio for water filtration with hollow fibres made from PES (polyether sulfon). The filtration specialist plans to use these membranes to open up new application areas with higher requirements...[más]


Ready to enter the European water market

Starting from Asia, MANN+HUMMEL extends its water business to Europe. Target customers are industries and organisations with a demand for high quality process water or waste water cleaned with ultrafiltration. The filtration...[más]


Solutions for water scarcity in rural areas

MANN+HUMMEL accelerates its expansion in the Philippines to provide water to around 46,000 families [más]


MANN+HUMMEL honours suppliers

Seven best suppliers receive the MANN+HUMMEL Global Supplier Award 2011. Given the growth targets of the company, purchasing and supplier development are gaining in strategic key role. In line with turnover, the purchasing volume...[más]


Co-operation agreement for doctoral research program

MANN+HUMMEL announces first research topics for doctoral degrees After studying, become a doctor - the Graduate School of Excellence advanced Manufacturing Engineering of the University of Stuttgart (GSaME) and MANN+HUMMEL...[más]


Biggest order in MANN+HUMMEL company history

Electromobility with MANN+HUMMEL o High double-digit million dollar order for battery frames o Large-scale production with approx. 160,000 frames per day o New production plant in preparation[más]


MANN+HUMMEL: Start of Australian Series Business

LPI filter for liquid gas vehicles o High filter fineness through new composite filter medium o High burst strength through metal layer o Contributes to reduced liquid gas consumption o Further projects for vehicles with...[más]


SPEECH: Manfred Wolf, President & General Manager Automotive + Industrial Business

Press conference IAA 2011, September 14, 2011, Frankfurt/Main - The spoken word is valid. -[más]


SPEECH: Kai Knickmann, Group Vice President & General Manager Automotive OEM

MANN+HUMMEL Press conference IAA 2011, September 14, 2011, Frankfurt/Main - The spoken word is valid. -[más]


MANN+HUMMEL Innovations at the IAA motor show

Double-digit growth for first half of 2011 o Turnover rose by approx. 20% to 1.2 billion euros (first half of 2010: 1 billion euros) o Result (EBIT) satisfactory despite high material costs o Employees worldwide increased...[más]


Three-stage Water Separator for Diesel Injection Systems

Captures Even the Tiniest Drops Highly-developed common rail diesel injection systems require fuels with a very low water content. MANN+HUMMEL has developed a multi-stage water separator that separates the water from finely...[más]


MANN+HUMMEL Speyer celebrates an international star

The Europiclon air cleaner – a success story On the 12th June the three millionth Europiclon rolled off the production line at MANN+HUMMEL in Speyer. This two-stage air cleaner for construction and agricultural machines has...[más]

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