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All-round protection with MANN-FILTER

Comprehensive product range in original equipment quality for the new Ford F-Max truck

All-round protection with MANN-FILTER The comprehensive MANN-FILTER product range for the Ford F-Max

Ludwigsburg, Germany, April 11th, 2023 – The premium brand MANN-FILTER now offers a comprehensive product portfolio in original equipment quality for the new F-Max truck from Ford. In addition to oil, fuel, and urea filters, the range also includes drying agent boxes. Air and cabin air filters are set to follow at a later date.

Fuel filters protect against wear and corrosion

In the commercial vehicle segment, filters have to meet strict demands. Operational reliability is essential. The MANN-FILTER WK 11 045 z prefilter reliably separates water and coarse particles from the diesel. It works in perfect harmony with the WK 11 046 main filter to offer maximum protection for the sensitive injection system and contribute to economical engine operation. 

Oil filter ensures clean oil

A functioning oil circuit is essential for combustion engines. A prerequisite for its smooth performance is engine oil that is carefully cleaned and always available. The W 11 024 oil filter for the F-Max reliably removes residues and impurities from the oil circuit and thus helps minimize engine wear. 

Urea filter protects SCR system

Urea filters for SCR systems filter dirt particles from the urea solution AdBlue, protect system components against wear and failure, and are resistant to corrosion and ammonia. The compact MANN-FILTER U 5001 KIT with a compensating element resistant to urea solution is available for the F-Max. It reduces the free volume in the housing and absorbs compressive forces when the urea-water solution expands at sub-zero temperatures of less than – 11° C or 12° F. The flexible compensating element thus prevents damage to the system and the filter. The filter guarantees the required purity of the urea-water solution, even if refilling has to take place under harsh everyday conditions in the yard or on the road.

Range of drying agent boxes

Various systems in commercial vehicles, such as the brake system and air suspension, work with compressed air. To work properly, the compressed air must be dry, clean, and oil-free. MANN-FILTER drying agent boxes dehumidify and clean this air. Dirt and soot particles are reliably removed from the system. The ability of the box to adsorb water prevents the compressed air system from freezing and the system components remain free from corrosion. In the integrated coalescing filter, the fine oil droplets combine to form a homogeneous liquid phase. This reliably removes oil from the compressed air system.

For the F-Max, workshops and dealers can choose between three different MANN-FILTER drying agent boxes in original equipment quality, depending on the requirements. The TB 1374/13 x drying agent box offers the basic functions of drying and particle filtration, the TB 1394/16 x provides enhanced protection thanks to the integrated coalescing filter, and the premium solution TB 1396 x Gold delivers maximum drying performance even under the toughest operating conditions.

Hydraulic filter for clean oil in the power steering

The H 601/4 hydraulic filter completes the MANN-FILTER product range for the Ford F-Max. It filters dirt particles from the hydraulic oil in the power steering and protects the sensitive components from wear.

For all filters, always comply with the service interval according to the manufacturer's specifications to maintain complete filter performance.

Quality as an investment in customer satisfaction

MANN-FILTER has been combining the entire know-how and experience of the MANN+HUMMEL Group in a comprehensive product portfolio in original equipment quality for the independent aftermarket for over 70 years. Filters from the premium brand are also available for less common models. 

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Kersten Solacroup

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