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Whatever your filtration need, we've got the solution. Browse our Online Catalogue to search all our 100% OE quality filter products and find the right one for more than 300,000 applications. Premium protection for your engine or machine is just a click away.

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Different versions of the MANN-FILTER catalog: online and pdf.
Finding the right filtration product is simple. Download relevant information such as brochures or catalogues and browse our wide range of filters that will protect engines in thousands of applications and vehicles. Or order a print version to be sent directly to your address.
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Download Documents

 Download documentsLanguagePrinted version 
Guide for Asian Branded Vehicles in Australia - PDF (3MB)EnglishNot available

Guide for Utes and Light Commercial Vehicles in Australia - PDF (2.5MB)EnglishNot available
Guide for main european passenger cars in Australia - PDF (4.1 MB)EnglishNot available
Guide for main european commercial vehicles in Australia - PDF (3.9 MB)EnglishNot available
Air Cleaner Catalogue - PDF 27.7MBEnglishNot available
PreLine Fuel Filters Catalogue - PDF 12.1MBEnglishNot available
PreLine Fuel Filters Brochure - PDF (1.1 MB)EnglishNot available

ProVent 200IV Crankcase Ventilation System Brochure - PDF (0.3MB)EnglishNot available
Catalog cars & transporters 24-26  - PDF (16.4 MB)Multilingualorder now
Catalog trucks & buses 24-26 - PDF (24.9 MB)Multilingualorder now
Catalog constr. machinery & industrial applications 24-26 PDF (17.1 MB)Multilingualorder now
Catalog agricultural machinery 24-26 - PDF (16.2 MB)Multilingualorder now
Cross reference list 24-26 - PDF (26.5 MB)MultilingualNot available
Industrial machinery and compressor brochure - PDF (3.6 MB)Englishnot available
Product brochure cars & transporter - PDF (2 MB)EnglishNot available
Product brochure commercial vehicles - PDF (1.8 MB)EnglishNot available
Part number explanation - PDF (0.2 MB)EnglishNot available
For construction machines - PDF (2.5 MB)EnglishNot available
For agricultural machines - PDF (0.9 MB)EnglishNot available
For compressors - PDF (1.8 MB)EnglishNot available
FreciousPlus truck brochure - PDF (0.9 MB)EnglishNot available
Filter Kit for Trucks Flyer - PDF (0.1 MB)EnglishNot available
FreciousPlus model overview - PDF (0.1 MB)EnglishNot available
FreciousPlus truck & bus model overview - PDF (0.1 MB)EnglishNot available
Forage Harvester Guide - PDF (2.0 MB)MultilingualNot available
Telehandler Guide - PDF (3.2 MB)MultilingualNot available
Skid Steer Loader Guide - PDF (1.3 MB)MultilingualNot available
Excavator Guide - PDF (2.0 MB)MultilingualNot available
Wheel Loader Guide - PFD (1.0 MB)MultilingualNot available
Wheel Loader model overview - PDF (0.7 MB) EnglishNot available
Backhoe Loader Guide - PDF (1,0 MB)MultilingualNot available
Light Commercial Vehicles Guide - PDF (0.9 MB)MultilingualNot available
Tractor Guide - PDF (0.8 MB)MultilingualNot available
Euro 6 Guide - PDF (1.8 MB)MultilingualNot available
Quality Comparison Guide - PDF (2.3 MB)EnglishNot available
MANN-FILTER for INGERSOLL-RAND compressors - PDF (0.6 MB)EnglishNot available
MANN-FILTER for BOGE compressors - PDF (0.8 MB)EnglishNot available