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MANN-FILTER Mamba ready for DTM debut

The Mercedes-AMG Team MANN-FILTER is counting down the days to the start of the DTM season in Oschersleben. 

MANN-FILTER Mamba ready for DTM debut The MANN-FILTER Mamba

Ludwigsburg, May 22, 2023 – In just a few days, the start signal will be given for the 2023 motor sports season. For the DTM, a new era will begin under the leadership of the ADAC. The Mercedes-AMG Team MANN-FILTER will be making its debut and also creating a new history of its own.

MANN-FILTER travels to Oschersleben with positive memories

The Motorsport Arena Oschersleben is the venue for the first two DTM races at the end of May. The 3.696 kilometer race track packs a punch: There's seven tight left-hand bends and seven right-hand bends to deal with. However, the MANN-FILTER Mamba has been successful in the Magdeburg Börde region before. Last year, the team celebrated two podium finishes in the ADAC GT Masters, and in 2021 it even secured its first victory of the season. 

MANN-FILTER Mamba ready for DTM debut Mamba driver Maro Engel

"We've already experienced exciting races in Oschersleben. Unfortunately, for me personally, it hasn't been enough for a victory," says Mercedes-AMG performance driver Maro Engel (37, Germany), who is going into his seventh DTM year and, as a veteran driver, bolsters the team with his experience. "Clearly, my first wish is to change that. The track is technically demanding. We have to ensure that we get good traction out of the corners and can go strong over the curbs to get the Mamba to the front. But we’re lucky that the Mercedes AMG is an all-rounder, so I’m very confident."

The goals are already set: "We want to start off the season well and score a lot of points. And, if possible, get podium finishes and victories right away. It remains to be seen if that's possible, but we're very well prepared, and I'm happy that we can start the season on a positive note," according to Engel.

Pit stop training not only for the Mamba

To be perfectly prepared for the start of the season, in addition to the routine test drives, team building and structural formations, a new item has added to the agenda for the young team: pit stop training for the Mamba and for the team!

“We're coming from the ADAC GT Masters as champions and those who know us know that we don't come into a racing series to be second, third or fifth,” says team manager Brice Brosi. "The goals are ambitious, but we also need to remain realistic. We know our skills and we trust in them. The biggest challenges as a newcomer to the DTM will be the strategy games. We know pit stops from the ADAC GT Masters, but so far we're not familiar with performance stops that are about time and tire changes. The mechanics actively participate in the race, which brings some added spice into play. But that also has risks. We've tested a lot and also practiced a lot, and I think I can say that we'll be confident going into the first race. The people in the key positions are old hands and know how to win races. We’re looking forward to finally getting started."

MANN-FILTER fans very welcome!

The Mercedes-AMG Team MANN-FILTER and Mercedes-AMG performance driver Maro Engel are all set to kick off the season with ambitious goals. The Mamba will take part in the DTM race in its familiar yellow and green design.

Filippina Manou, Sponsorship Manager at MANN-FILTER, is eagerly awaiting the start: "It’s an incredibly exciting time. The anticipation is tremendous, but there is also great respect for this terrain that is new to us. Preparations behind the scenes at MANN-FILTER are in full swing. Our media plans have been written, the team and Maro are outfitted in yellow and green, and we're expecting some customers on site to support us with their fingers crossed. We have to keep our expectations realistic. There's no ignoring the fact that some manufacturers have brought some really great racing cars to the track. Nevertheless, I'm convinced that our constellation of the Mercedes-AMG and Maro Engel is one of the most promising to be a frontrunner. In the end, maintaining continuity is key. There's nothing quite like the feeling of people standing in front of the Mamba and saying, I'm a fan. Our MANN-FILTER fans have so much to look forward to. It's important to us to be fully involved and still accessible. Our passion for cars connects us with motorsport fans, and we will continue to ensure that the paddock will be decked in yellow and green in 2023."

Beast mode ON! On and off the race track

All MANN-FILTER fans are more than welcome at the track. Tickets can be purchased in advance or on site. The MANN-FILTER Mamba can also be seen live on TV! German TV station ProSieben will be broadcasting the racing action live on television.

MANN-FILTER will take fans behind the scenes on its social media channels and report on the action on and off the race track.

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Kersten Solacroup

Kersten Solacroup

Brand Management MANN-FILTER


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