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Whatever your filtration need, we've got the solution. Browse our Online Catalog to search all our 100% OE quality filter products and find the right one for more than 300,000 applications. Premium protection for your engine or machine is just a click away.

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Trust MANN-FILTER for vehicles and machines

Cabin Air Filter

Discover how to protect your vehicle or machine with a MANN-FILTER product

Our innovative filters enhance your driving or operating experience as well as protecting your engine or machine. From oil, air, fuel and cabin air filtration solutions, you’ll find high quality, reliable products in our extensive range.

Drive clean. Work smooth.

Life on the road is tough. Vehicles and machines have to tackle dust, fumes, rust, water and contaminants as well as wear and tear. Modern engines need parts that can keep pace with these demands. And effective car filters are a key component in engine longevity. Providing filter solutions for a wide range of applications, we at MANN-FILTER are trusted experts in OE quality components. Our filter products protect vehicles and machines.

Whether you’re a dealer, repair workshop or vehicle owner, our range of filtration solutions offers premium quality from the inside out. So you can keep your vehicle driving smoothly, for longer. 

Why a MANN-FILTER is your best choice

Passenger Cars

Car filters and filter solutions
  • Top level portfolio – At MANN-FILTER we offer an extensive range of premium products for cars and light commercial vehicles
  • We filter the world – Our products in OE quality filter fluids and air for engines and occupants in European, Asian and American vehicles
  • Specifically designed – The right filter tailored for a variety of engine variants, pressure conditions and manufacturer specifications
  • Trusted everywhere – Our strong trading partners supply MANN-FILTER parts for cars and light commercial vehicles almost anywhere in the world

Commercial Vehicles

MANN-FILTER for trucks
  • The best in the long run - With MANN-FILTER you get maximum service intervals and optimal engine performance with long-life filters
  • We fit your fleet – MANN-FILTER offers the widest range with a broad coverage for trucks and buses around the globe to keep your fleet running
  • We care – Our product range goes beyond essential basics – our portfolio has all the solutions you need to protect your vehicle’s engine, its surrounding environment and, importantly, the driver
  • Always ready to go – With filters and accessories created to minimize cost- and time-intensive downtimes from the start, thanks to our OE quality and first class filtration


MANN-FILTER for construction
  • Extensive range – Our filters cover any standard model in the agriculture, construction or compressed air segments
  • Safety and reliability – Enjoy long-term protection of your engine and investment, even under the heaviest loads
  • Performance that pays – Leading machinery manufacturers put their trust in MANN-FILTER and our many decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of efficient filtration solutions that protect your application
  • Reduced downtime – Effective filtration reduces equipment repair and maintenance time, and lowers total ownership expenses 


MANN-FILTER offers the right filter solutions for motorcycles.
  • Tailored to your needs – MANN-FILTER offers filters that are developed specifically for motorcycles, ATVs and quads
  • Keep the circuit lubricated – We provide oil filters that match different engine oil and additive mixtures
  • Safety first – Extensive tests under OE conditions guarantee high filtration performance without fluid leakage, to ensure a safe, smooth ride on your two-wheeler 
OEM automotive: filters in OE quality by MANN-FILTER

How our OE quality filters keep you driving

As a professional whose business is all things automotive you know what it takes to keep an engine running efficiently. You know only top quality parts create a powerful, effective machine. And you know the difference well-engineered automotive filters make to the life of a vehicle. Discover 100% OE quality MANN-FILTER auto filters and give your engine the best.

Meet our different MANN-FILTER products

Pollen filters by MANN-FILTER against allergens and dust in vehicles

Cabin Air Filters

Our cabin filter for cars traps almost 100% of harmful particulates from the air you breathe inside your vehicle. Stay healthy in high-density traffic areas with poor air quality. Breathe easy with us.

Engine air filter C30030 by MANN-FILTER protect your engine.

Air Filters

Simple but essential. Keep dirt and contaminants out of your engine with an air filter that never lets you down. Give your engine the best chance of success.

Oil filter for engine HU7035

Oil Filters

Keep engine oil flowing freely and prolong engine life with an oil filter that removes even the finest particulates. Get into the flow.

Fuel filter PU11002 for full power engines

Fuel Filters

Fuel filters are vital for separating dirt, dust and water from your fuel. This ensures maximum fuel flow and avoids damage to car parts caused by unwanted particulates. Clean up now.

Variation of specialised filters of MANN-FILTER

Special Applications

We offer a huge range of different  filters for vehicles and machines, including coolant filters, centrifuge filters, transmission oil filters, drying agent boxes, urea filters and fuel prefilter systems. 

MANN-FILTER Online Catalog is available for every device.

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Whatever your filtration need, we've got the solution. Browse our Online Catalog to search all our 100% OE quality filter products and find the right one for more than 300,000 applications. Premium protection for your engine or machine is just a click away.