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Cabin air filters put the joy back into driving

Installing a MANN-FILTER cabin air filter can help to stop dirt, debris, pollen and other contaminants from entering the passenger compartment of your vehicle for a more enjoyable - and quieter - ride. 

Find out how a cabin air filter will make your journey a breeze

Cabin air filters for pollen

For regular drivers stuck in daily traffic jams or families heading off on a road trip, a cabin air filter in the car will improve their driving experience. High-quality MANN-FILTER cabin air filters provide nearly 100% protection from unwanted particles that can enter the car through the ventilation. This creates a pleasant driving experience and benefits all passengers. At the same time, cabin air filters prevent the harmful build-up of dirt in the A/C and heating systems, thus ensuring smooth operation and even preventing system failures. 

What does a cabin air filter do?

Cabin air filter against pollen by MANN-FILTER

The air that flows into your vehicle through the ventilation ducts while driving may contain up to five times more exhaust gases, dirt, dust and other pollutants than fresh air. The only barrier between these pollutants and the occupants of your vehicle is the cabin air filter, which is why it is important to replace it every year, every 12,000 miles or as recommended by the vehicle's manufacturer.

Vehicle cabin air filters remove up to 90% of even the tiniest harmful particulates (up to 1µm, in size) creating a barrier between passengers and the incoming air. A MANN-FILTER cabin air filter separates nearly all fine PM2.5 particulates (up to 95%) – the damaging micro-organisms contained in dust, dirt, pollen, exhaust fumes, smoke and other pollutants. Some of these are smaller than 3% of the diameter of a human hair. Which shows how powerful and effective a cabin air filter is. 

Cabin air filters: Benefits at a glance

What’s all the fuss about? Here are the cabin air filter benefits you will enjoy with a MANN-FILTER product:

  • Performance – Our premium products offer exceptional performance in cabin air filter technology
  • Well-being – Clean air improves the health and wellbeing of everyone traveling in the vehicle
  • Efficiency – Servicing and replacing the air conditioning filter in a car regularly improves system functionality
  • Support – Our easy to use online catalog and simple installation instructions provide the guidance for a perfect fit!

What you need to know about changing a cabin air filter

Replace your cabin air filter after 15.000 km or every year

Cabin air filter replacement is vital to keeping the air clean inside your vehicle. This is often done as a feature of your regular servicing regime. Cabin air filters should be replaced once a year or every 12,000 miles. To optimize the clean air inside the car and improve the driving experience, check your cabin air filter annually.

How will you know if your cabin air filter needs changing? 

  • Listen out for strange noises. These could be caused by deposits inside the filter
  • Watch for unpleasant smells
  • Poor air flow is a sign of a clogged cabin air filter
  • If your windows fog up frequently and are hard to clear, change your filter

MANN-FILTER: Our different types of cabin air filters

We offer a huge range of cabin air filters. To decide which is the right one for your passenger car, truck or bus, here’s an overview of our different products.

What cabin air filter to choose?

Almost every vehicle utilitizes a cabin air filter and MANN+HUMMEL is a global trailblazer in filtration. Our MANN-FILTER cabin air filters are available for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.  All use pleated nonwovens to filter dust, pollen and soot entering via the incoming air through your air conditioning or ventilation system. Our automotive cabin air filters come with detailed, clear fitting instructions to make installation easier. 

BASIC - Particle Filter

Particle filter for all kind of vehicles

The CU version offers a basic separation of particulates from incoming air. At MANN-FILTER we’re proud of our filters’ performance, extracting up to 95% of harmful particulate, so you can enjoy clean, healthier air inside the car. They also prevent the build-up of dirt inside the air conditioning system, prolonging its life.

ADVANCED - Activated Carbon Filter

Cabin air filters with activated carbon filter extract up to 95% of harmful particulate.

As well as removing up to 95% of soot, dust and other particulate matter, our advanced CUK filters also feature an activated carbon layer. This additional layer traps gases up to 90%, to prevent noxious toxins such as toluene, nitrogen oxide, ozone, sulphur dioxide and unpleasant odors entering the vehicle through the ventilation system.

Compare all MANN-FILTER cabin air filters

Basic - CU
Eliminates almost 90% of odors  
Traps harmful gases, such as ozone, nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide  
Almost 100% filtration of tiny particles
Significant reduction (>95% of diesel soot)
Extends drivers’ concentration period and helps prevent headaches
Protects the air conditioning system
MANN-FILTER Online Catalog is available for every device.

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Whatever your filtration need, we've got the solution. Browse our Online Catalog to search all our 100% OE quality filter products and find the right one for more than 300,000 applications. Premium protection for your engine or machine is just a click away.