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At MANN-FILTER we don’t just provide standard filters for vehicles and commonly-used applications. We know that industry, agriculture and commerce often require specialist equipment. And we know how hard that equipment works. Our extensive range includes products designed specifically to protect your systems from wear and damage caused by harmful particulates and deposits. 

Discover our products for special applications:

Air Drying Cartridges

Our air drying cartridges dehumidify and clean compressed air, especially in commercial vehicles, preventing moisture build-up and damage in your system.

Coolant Filters

These filters provide crucial protection for your coolant circulation system to ensure reliable cooling in extreme conditions.  

Transmission Oil Filters

Our transmission oil filters ensure high levels of oil purity and thus optimum wear protection for the sensitive transmission components.


Centrifuges offer high separation efficiency. They remove even the smallest solid particles (1 µm) such as dust, rust and soot, to clean your engine oil and protect components.

Urea Filters

Safeguard the sensitive SCR systems of modern trucks and buses against contaminants with our urea filters, designed to give optimum protection for your vehicle.