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Installation Instruction: CU 23 024 - CUK 23 024 - FP 23 024

This is a step by step instruction on cabin air filter replacement. Why is a replacement on a regular basis so important? Cabin air filters are vital to keeping the air inside your vehicle clean and to reduce dust, allergens or fumes circulating with your air conditioning! This is why they should be replaced at least once a year or every 15,000 km. 

Here's what MANN-FILTER cabin air filters can do for you:

  •  Protection – from more than 95% of allergens to relieve allergies and help hay fever sufferers
  • Prevention – stops the spread of bacteria and mold on the filter for increased health and reduced occurrence of unpleasant odor
  • Blocks – up to 95% of diesel soot and harmful PM2.5 particulates to stop respiratory tract irritation
  • Eliminates up to 90% of odors – enjoy journeys that are free from unpleasant smells thanks to the odor-blocking carbon air filter
  • Boosts wellbeing – by blocking up to 90% of damaging gases like ozone, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide, which prevents headaches and improves driver concentration
  • Safeguards – your air conditioning system and prolongs component life