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FreciousPlus - banish sneezes, wheezes and airborne diseases

Your frontline defence against allergens and unhealthy air

FreciousPlus: biofunctional cabin filter uses an activated carbon layer and polyphenol coating.

When you’re driving it’s not just dangerous road-users you have to look out for. There is an invisible threat that’s closer than you might think. The air inside your vehicle can contain up to five times more harmful particulates, dirt and gases than outside air. Which means that for every journey you take, you’re exposed to unhealthy air. Make dirty air a thing of the past with our game-changing anti-allergen cabin air filter: the MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus.

The air flow inside a typical vehicle can be as high as 540,000 liters per hour. And it’s not just air that’s coming in. Tiny particles of dust, pollen, bacteria, mold spores and harmful gases find their way through the ventilation ducts with the ambient air. When inhaled, these can trigger allergies and lead to respiratory related health problems.
Combining three types of barriers our innovative cabin air filter uses forward-looking technology to protect passengers from even the smallest of these particles. Reducing allergens from the car or commercial vehicle leaves you free to breathe clean, healthy air for every step of the journey.

For allergy sufferersyoung children and people with asthma the FreciousPlus cabin air filter is the ticket to enjoyable travel that won’t have a negative impact on your health.

Find out the benefits of the FreciousPlus

With anti-allergen cabin air filter from MANN-FILTER protecting adults from allergens is easy.

While we all work to reduce our carbon emissions, we also need to counter the health impacts of air pollution and allergies triggered by the environment. Each of us is affected by unhealthy air, and there is a wealth of research on just how damaging it is to our lungs, hearts and cognitive abilities. But the impact is more severe on those with respiratory illnesses or allergies. And when unclean air circulating inside your vehicle makes your car AC an allergy and contaminant hotspot, it’s time to make a changeReclaim the chance to breathe clean air.

We know you want to protect yourself and your passengers. We know you take passenger health seriously. So, make the first move towards happier, healthier driving. Filter allergens, bacteria, mold and particulate matter from circulating in the ambient air inside your vehicle. Install an anti-allergen air filter. Clean air is a simple step away.

What the FreciousPlus anti-allergen filter does for you:

The MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus will change the way you think about cabin air. Using intelligent filtration it captures contaminants, allergens and mold spores, cleansing the air inside your vehicle. Discover how our cabin air filter for allergies improves your health and driving experience.
  • Provides more than 95% protection against allergens
  • Prevents growth of mold and bacteria on the filter
  • Traps up to 95% of tiny particulates (PM 2.5)
  • Eliminates almost 90% of odors 
  • Reduction of diesel soot (>95%)
  • Protection of the air conditioning system 
Allergen air filter from MANN-FILTER protect car passengers from allergenes

How does our best car air purifier work its magic?

Actually, it’s not magic. It is precision engineering, expert design and cutting-edge technology. Here’s how it’s done.

When pollen particles burst open tiny airborne fragments are drawn into your car with the intake air. Add dust particles, exhaust fumes, noxious gases and unpleasant odors and you’ve got a pretty toxic cocktail. The MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus anti-allergen cabin air filter uses a clever, resilient 3-tier defence against 95% of these harmful particulates (PM 2.5) in the ambient air:

    This first, high-efficiency, filter medium traps most of the particles, like dust and pollen, circulating in your ventilation system
    Using activated carbon granulate, this layer absorbs unpleasant odors and harmful gases like ozone, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides
    This innovative biofunctional coating contains naturally-occurring polyphenol that captures and inactivates tiny allergen particles. The additional antimicrobial coating, prevents bacteria and mold from growing or developing on the filter surface

This triple-strength design is what makes the FreciousPlus your choise for cabin air filter.

Cabin air filter with polyphenol: FreciousPlus by MANN-FILTER
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Whatever your filtration need, we've got the solution. Browse our Online Catalog to search all our 100% OE quality filter products and find the right one for more than 300,000 applications. Premium protection for your engine or machine is just a click away.